All Creatures Podcast

Episode 213: All American Alligator

April 6, 2021

We welcome back Angie to this week's podcast covering the American Alligator. This species is near and dear to both of us as the "Gator" is the official mascot for the University of Florida. A tradition is any child born in Gainesville, Florida is known as a "Gator Baby." So this week, we dedicate this episode to our kids, who all are Gator babies! 

The Alligator is a massive apex predator native to North America. As a reptile, the Alligator has survived for tens of millions of years and was almost at risk of extinction in the mid 20th century. With focused conservation they have rebounded and are another conservation success story. Today there are over 5 million Alligators living in the United States alongside humans. They are a critical predator to our natural water ways and exhibit some incredible behaviors. We know you will enjoy learning about this special reptile. 

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