All Creatures Podcast

Episode 240: Captivated by Clouded Leopards

August 18, 2021

We are back in Asia to chat about another big cat heading towards extinction, the Clouded Leopard. These magnificent cats are the oldest of the modern big cats and some of the most beautiful. Native to southern and south-eastern Asia, Clouded Leopards are facing extinction. much like big cousins the Tiger. Clouded Leopards are a special animal, with traits superior to almost any other cat species. They have the largest canine teeth to skull ratio of any cat. Their canine teeth, measuring up to 2 inches (5 cm), are the same size as the aforementioned adult Tiger!!  They are specially adapted to climb up and down trees, better than almost any other species of cat on the planet. These are truly amazing cats and are a real pleasure to learn about. 

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