All Creatures Podcast

Episode 256: In the Sea, Horses Swim Wild

November 24, 2021

The Cape Seahorse, also called the Knysna Seahorse, is located off the southern African coast. Sadly, the Cape Seahorse is one of the most endangered species of seahorse found in the world. Off the coast of South Africa, they are located in three small estuaries and due to human activity are heading towards extinction. Fortunately, many organizations, with help from the South African government, are working hard to save these special creatures. Seahorses overall are just an awe inspiring species of fish. They just blew us with their physiology and life cycle. In fact, these by far are some of the most dedicated fathers you will find anywhere across all taxa. In fact, male seahorses "give birth" and with some other facts, make seahorses some of the most unique animals found on our planet. 

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