All Creatures Podcast

Episode 282: Crashin’ w/Bandicoots

June 15, 2022

Down in Australia and in New Guinea is a unique and popular marsupial, the Bandicoot. Made famous by the video game Crash Bandicoot, these small animals are nocturnal omnivores and true ecological engineers. There are currently 20 species of Bandicoots, with many endangered and few going extinct in the 20th century.  The loss of their habitat and a plethora of invasive species have been devastating to Bandicoots in both Australia and New Guinea. However, many conservation efforts are underway. This week we highlight the survival of the Eastern Banded Bandicoot. Thanks to efforts by Zoos Victoria and other conservation organizations, the Eastern Banded Bandicoot has gone from extinct in the wild, to endangered after being reintroduced. There is so much we can learn from these special animals and a fun one to learn about. 

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