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Episode 273: Water Walking Wonders, the Basilisks

March 23, 2022

Basilisks are some of the most charismatic reptiles currently living on our planet. Yet, not really known for their beauty, but rather more for their incredible ability to literally run across water. There are four species of Basilisk whose primary ranges are in Central America, with some ranging as far north as Mexico, and some ranging as far south as the the northern portions of South America. Generally, all four species of Basilisk are not in crisis, yet. Central America is a global conservation hot spot, as habitat destruction has pushed many species to the brink. We talk about this and more. This week is everything Basilisk and learning about just how they can walk on water is mind blowing and we feel privileged to share this knowledge with you. 

HERE is just one of the many videos available showing a Basilisk running on water 

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