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Episode 280:History of Aotearoa New Zealand w/Thomas Rillstone

June 1, 2022

Following our Kākāpō episode we are very excited to speak with Thomas Rillstone, who hosts the popular History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast. Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand and we talk about this and more.  We were very fortunate to track Thomas down to talk about the history of Aotearoa New Zealand and just what impacts the Māori had on her many islands. We also talk about the impacts they had on all the native species like the now extinct Moa and Haast's Eagle.

We then switch gears and talk about the major impacts European settlers had on the Māori and also on NZ's native species. This is such an enlightening and fun interview that we are sure you will enjoy it. This weeks episode really highlights the challenges many island nations are facing throughout the world fighting to protect their many wonderous and unique animals. While Thomas hosts a history podcast, he is currently working in conservation and fighting to protect all of NZ's native species. 

You can find the History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast on your favorite podcasting app and we highly recommend you give it a listen. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes and gives you special insight into Polynesian exploration of the Pacific and how they discovered and inhabited NZ, and so much more!

You can learn more about Thomas Rillstone, find all his social media links and information on his amazing podcast by visiting his website HERE


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